Welcome to Agape Christian church

Agape Christian Church  is a place of worship, a place where destiny and lives are discover and build by the ministry  of  the word of God and the ministry of the Holly Spirit, and a place where the unconditional love of God is supernaturally experience by all. Thank you for visiting our website. Hope it will bless your life and help you connect with the Lord Jesus and discover your purpose of existence.

FRIDAY SERVICE : 19:00PM – 21:00PM
SUNDAY SERVICE : 13:00PM – 15:30PM

Verse Of The Day

We dare to believe in what others have said was impossible Because we fully believe in a God that is greater than any obstacle
We have faith in a God that has made the blind see and called to life that which was dead
We put our trust in a God that does not ever fail
We will see thousands and thousands of people make decisions for Christ. We will celebrate with people of all ages as they are baptized
We will witness an entire city that opens their eyes to the saving power of Jesus Christ

— Pastor Kelvin  |  Agape Christian Church Amsterdam