The St. Agape Christian Church is a Pentecostal and a Charismatic movement. The church was given its certificate of registration on the March 4, 2010, with the registration number of KvK Amsterdam 34383905 to operate legally.

Pastor Charles V. Kpaan Sr was blessed by the Lord to come on a ministry mission to Germany in 2007. While on the this mission, a supernatural door opened for him to visit a friend in Amsterdam, who happened to be stopping with me, brother Kelvin Camara , at the time. It was at this junction, that both Pastor Charles and I met. Both of us had been praying for divine connection based on what the Lord had put in our hearts individually.

As soon as we began to talk, the focus of his visit shifted from the original plan, which was to visit a friend, to him and I sharing the passion we had carried for years as it relates to the salvation of souls in Amsterdam.    Both of us automatically connected. God divinely orchestrated our coming together for His glory. After this quick and rewarding visit, that evening as Pastor Charles prepare to return to Germany, he promised to come back for another visit to me.

After three months Pastor Charles came back to Amsterdam this time as a guest to me and share the passion that the Lord had given him about starting a ministry work in the Netherlands and it was joyously welcome by me and couple of my friends I had invited to hear him share the purpose of his mission to Amsterdam this time. It all came together very quickly as I also had been carrying the burden and a desire for ministry work deeply rooted in my heart for Amsterdam.

After Pastor Charles made two visits to Amsterdam to me and some brethren a house fellowship was started in 2008 and in 2009 what started as a house fellowship of prayer and the study of the word of God became known as Agape Christian Church Amsterdam.